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Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapy empowers seniors to live independently and improve their life skills. At Lasik Home Health Care, our occupational therapists specialize in working with seniors who have experienced injuries, chronic illnesses, or mental health conditions. We focus on incorporating meaningful activities into their daily lives to promote independence. Our therapists assess cognitive abilities, provide behavioral modifications, and assist family caregivers with home safety concerns. We also educate caregivers on how to provide optimal care for loved ones with memory loss.

Advantages of Occupational Therapy for Seniors:

Improved Health & Wellness: Our occupational therapists help seniors lead healthier, happier lives by redesigning activities to enhance quality of life and mobility. From cooking meals to maintaining balance, we empower seniors to remain active without compromising their safety.

Overcoming Daily Challenges: Occupational therapy assists seniors in managing daily tasks such as dressing, feeding, and home management. We provide helpful devices like bathtub benches and grab bars, making activities easier and promoting independence. We optimize home environments to maximize participation and convenience.

Support for Caregivers: We understand the importance of caregiver well-being. Our occupational therapists work with family members, offering guidance and support in making informed decisions about daily caregiving. This ensures that caregivers can maintain their own lives while providing quality care for their loved ones.

At Lasik Home Health Care, we believe in the power of occupational therapy to transform the lives of seniors and their caregivers. Let us help you achieve a fulfilling and independent lifestyle.


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